Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Phew! I made it...sort of

​I have (as you may have noticed) struggled to keep my blog up-to-date.  My first plan was to post 'regularly' which implied a few times a week.  As I struggled through semester 1, I realized that was an unrealistic expectations and began imagining a weekly post.  Ha!

So I pulled some metaphorical teeth, and despite criticism of being a 'bad friend', working through an HFA diagnosis for my 5 y/o daughter, managing my home and full time teaching role, AND completing my Library Honour’s Specialist, I was able to post once a month.

I've learned through some reflection, that that's okay.  It's not like I'm famous and have a huge fan base expecting posts (but those famous people must also do what works best for them).  I began this journey for me.  For the opportunity to reflect on my professional practice and to evaluate HOW blogging could make me a better teacher librarian, and I feel like I've seen some success with that.

Too often I find myself trying to meet the immediate needs of everyone but myself.  I want to be the best teacher.  The best mother.  The best partner. But the reality is that in order to accomplish any of those self-imposed expectations, I must first be the best me.  And I must accept that being a great teacher librarian is not a standalone role.  ALL of my other 'parts' influence my decisions and learning.

I was happy and excited to attend the 39th Annual Reading For The Love Of If Conference this week and to meet some of the amazing speakers, authors and presenters.  I was reluctant to sign up for one session though (The ADHD Mind) as I worried others would see this as selfish (my kiddo is also diagnosed ADHD).  However, by attending the session I not only helped myself and my family, I also gained several valuable strategies and perspectives that I brought back to share with staff and students.

I keep learning and understanding over and over again that to compartmentalize ME is a disservice to all those I come into contact with. I am learning to embrace the whole me - and what a journey!

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