Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Phew! I made it...sort of

​I have (as you may have noticed) struggled to keep my blog up-to-date.  My first plan was to post 'regularly' which implied a few times a week.  As I struggled through semester 1, I realized that was an unrealistic expectations and began imagining a weekly post.  Ha!

So I pulled some metaphorical teeth, and despite criticism of being a 'bad friend', working through an HFA diagnosis for my 5 y/o daughter, managing my home and full time teaching role, AND completing my Library Honour’s Specialist, I was able to post once a month.

I've learned through some reflection, that that's okay.  It's not like I'm famous and have a huge fan base expecting posts (but those famous people must also do what works best for them).  I began this journey for me.  For the opportunity to reflect on my professional practice and to evaluate HOW blogging could make me a better teacher librarian, and I feel like I've seen some success with that.

Too often I find myself trying to meet the immediate needs of everyone but myself.  I want to be the best teacher.  The best mother.  The best partner. But the reality is that in order to accomplish any of those self-imposed expectations, I must first be the best me.  And I must accept that being a great teacher librarian is not a standalone role.  ALL of my other 'parts' influence my decisions and learning.

I was happy and excited to attend the 39th Annual Reading For The Love Of If Conference this week and to meet some of the amazing speakers, authors and presenters.  I was reluctant to sign up for one session though (The ADHD Mind) as I worried others would see this as selfish (my kiddo is also diagnosed ADHD).  However, by attending the session I not only helped myself and my family, I also gained several valuable strategies and perspectives that I brought back to share with staff and students.

I keep learning and understanding over and over again that to compartmentalize ME is a disservice to all those I come into contact with. I am learning to embrace the whole me - and what a journey!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I'm baaaack!

As I resume my duties as Teacher Librarian today, I'm feeling happy.

Despite the long break (I often find open time a daunting task to fill with two small children...) I'm not exactly rested.  Our time away from work was filled with family visits, wonderful meals, driving, organizing, packing, laundry...the list goes on, as I'm sure yours does too!

However being back in the routine brings me a sense of personal joy.  As I look out over the Library Learning Commons, it's really great to see the happy, smiling faces of refreshed students with new hair cuts and big plans ahead of them.  They're still so excited to see each other and share their adventures of time away from school.  Some are diligently working, reading or studying, but all of them are smiling, and these are the happy moments that educators have to look forward to.