Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Eustress...who knew?!?

I actually have a chance to take a breath today, to look out into our Library Learning Commons and enjoy the sight of students gathered and working collaboratively around their personal devices, students browsing the White Pine novel collections, students reading to each other (All Cats Have Asperger’s Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann), and take a moment to enjoy the amazing experience of our rejuvenated space.

Last year, I partnered with a colleague to create a student summative that resulted in the redesign of our library and made for some significant, positive changes, moving us  towards an authentic Learning Commons space.  With a more open concept, our Library Learning Commons is filled with natural light and collaborative work spaces.

This partnership demonstrated just one of the many things (Action Research, Additional Qualification, Peel Fiction Reviewer, going through the identification process with our youngest daughter, moving to a new home) that kept me busy…and lends itself to wondering: Am I better, busier?

I often feel invigorated when at the peak of being busy, best under pressure, so to say, so I started a dialogue to learn more.  Who knew?!?  This stress is called Eustress and is “deemed healthful and to give one the feeling of fulfillment.”  This is me to a tee!

So somewhere between teaching, supervising, answering the phone, and reading articles, I found time (15 mins within the last two hours…?) to write this out. 

I guess it’s not really a slow day after all.

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